Property Ownership in the Sun

A lovely friend asked me at the weekend if we still had our home in the Algarve? Sadly not I said, but why do you ask? The ever present question was centered around a nice place to stay that was not too expensive. Knowing our taste and style meant they knew they would like staying in the property, as friends they knew they wouldn’t be pained over the price!

Too few landlords think this way, but it is in an incredibly important mindset to get into, your clients are having the holiday of the year, they have planned it, saved for it, checked the best options of a myriad of flights, the times the carrier and so on. For you to simply throw together some cheap replaceable furniture and other odds and sods, will leave you wondering why you have empty weeks and why your property is always on sale.

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Tales from Sales (Expensive Ostrich Excrement)

A long time ago . . . . . . . . (imagine if you will an iconic opening music score to a tale about fighting oppressive galactic regimes) there was a young green sales trainee who had no idea of the various cunning strategies applied to close a sale. That changed with high powered training and changed again through self-learning and experience. There are chapters and chapters I can fill on the art of selling, or selling as an art, just for today I want to focus on an amusing tale and the mechanics behind it, mostly because the mechanics are critical.

Back in the day, in Copenhagen, there was a sales floor filled with hungry young men who were in the large part not from Scandinavia, let alone Copenhagen, they were articulate and very well educated, keen to make their mark yet too maverick to follow a pre-ordained path in their home country. When I joined this company I was a salesman in amongst it all with them, the owner of the business saw a different future for me and very quickly I became the compliance manager. Better explained as the fire officer, I was there to prevent or extinguish fires before they got out of control. So, I got to see all and know almost all, including when the sales floor was getting too creative.

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Personal Ramblings & Edited Rants

My idea is to rant a little, share the things I have seen first-hand and learnt quite often the hard way, the hard way as in through all possible mistakes, to finally arrive at a success or what I consider a success. In a writing style that I hope stimulates but doesn’t offend, articulates but doesn’t confuse. In my ramblings and sometime ranting, you will only ever find subject matter that is important to me and by extension must be important to a few other souls somewhere on the world wide web, unless I am deluding myself? So, if you like what you find here, please let me and more importantly others know via the comments section and of course, if you don’t like or disagree with something I have stated, then that’s another reason to comment. I’m old enough to be way past the emotional games some people seem to subscribe to regarding comments and needling others, so please take that nonsense elsewhere, there is no room or time for it here.

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Overseas Property a Veterens View

So you want a place in the Sun?

Or anywhere that you didn’t grow up in or near.

Graham Greene I believe penned the phrase a sunny place for shady people, out of respect for those of us who have or do live in sunny spots it is not an entirely fair representation of the community. However, over the years I have met or seen first-hand some very colourful characters and some diabolical skulduggery, usually via the expats or foreigners not so much courtesy of the local populace. So another phrase to keep ever present in your thinking is buyer beware, a phrase so old it’s usually quoted in Latin. The key to buying well in any location is to do your homework and buy cautiously, I have seen time and time again a well-worn path that all manner of people will tread, these are very bright, savvy, financially astute people that simply drop into the persona of a foreign buyer without even noticing. Continue reading “Overseas Property a Veterens View”